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"General Assistance/GA" and "Emergency Assistance/EA" are state-regulated functions of the Office of the Supervisor. Help may be granted to resident individuals requiring financial aid to assure basic life necessities. The GA/EA funds are directly under the Supervisor's control. Tax dollars levied in GA may not be used for any other purpose.

Categories of assistance include emergency aid for shelter, food, utilities, and employment expenses. The amount and duration of help provided for these purposes is specifically defined in the Illinois GA/EA manual.

Individuals apply for GA or EA in person at the Supervisor Office for General Assistance. Call the Office for an appointment at 847-432-3240. (For resources in addition to GA or EA, residents can also refer to the Supervisor's list of State human service resources links accessed via our website; or check on our general Links page for many other online resources.)

The Township levies two main funds, the flexible "Town Fund" (which includes the Assessor's, Clerk's and the Supervisor's office activities) and "General Assistance Fund." The Town Fund is about 80-83% of the annual budget (approximately half of which is allocated to the Assessor Office functions); General Assistance Fund about 17-20%. (See the About Moraine Township page for more statistics.)

Moraine Township's GA Fund budget has gradually been reduced since 2006 to more closely reflect its statute-defined narrow considerations. Town Funds are more flexible: money can be transferred to pay for GA but GA may not go towards Town Fund.

GA support recipient information is kept confidential, but our books are always open for inspection by the public. Contact the Supervisor's Office during regular business hours at 847-432-3240.

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